The Half​-​Dream Hologram

by crowns&thieves

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released March 24, 2012



all rights reserved


crowns&thieves Germany


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Track Name: Aerodrome
There are a few words left to say
If I get beaten by my doubt
And even if noone is listening, I pray
Forgeviness will prevail, before a life can fade out

On which coast of the word will I stay, if no home has been named
On which shoreline will I crash, If there is nothing worth to be aimed

I know there are a million walls left for me to shatter
If not just yet that all seems to get better
I know there are a million walls left for me to shatter
Anyways my lead is broken at last page of my letter

we all need planes to up and leave

There is no running that can hide us
No part of beeing that defines us
The time I miss the arms, holding me so close to the land
Let me know you found a place that I don't know like the back of my hand

I wish I could hear the voices of those who carry me
I wish I wouldn't see another black and white movie
And still I wish another step would wait
I wish I could hear the voices of those who carry me
Track Name: Waifs and Strays
Her erstwhile bright shining eyes
are meanwhile staring sadly at me
asking "Tell the world and me,
why is this heartache still here?
And why can't it just leave me alone?"

"It seems I'm not the only one,
but all the good ment advices, are still left undone.

And she's now standing right in front of her childhood home
With her wide open eyes, begging for a god to come

"Where have you been, Mom and Dad?
While your little sunshine became sad?
When all the whine and pills have ruined me?
When all I saw and felt, was my own misery?

I'm not an evil person, but all this blurred the way of those,
who call themselves the same waifs. Where is your holy ghost?
I think that all were hollow words.
And not even now, you get the picture. It can't get worse!"
Track Name: Author
All the believer's stories , I'm sorry I cannot listen
Thoug you're all going up, it seems that I'm not breathing

I cannot hold those dreams inside my head
Can anyone promise me that they're telling the right words
Or are we just here 'cause we'll never get...

I hear you say "I can't heal, it's the little child's own choice"
I hear you say "I can't hear, cause his moaning's louder than my voice
And he have warned us in so many stories, told us of so many worries
But we never listend
we just never listened"

Are those the lines you want to tell your friends and all the ones who
seem to be. They never cared about me.

I'd give an arm for that just one of you would hear that
One more day with all that thoughts in me. And I can't help it
Track Name: Somewhere Down The Road
I stumble drunk through this old and unloving world
talking alone into the stone cold air and I scare myself, but
Yes, once I thought the world shines brighter
It's the clouds on the black withered skies, either
or it's just me

Do you think as I do? It where the nights. They somehow tricked us.
How's that working? When so much is there, what you await, but
You think of the best son.Do you think as I do? You're telling this is me
But sorry, I'm not the man you used to see

I'm crying out your name into this room
It never was...and never will be a home

I hope it's not as easy for you to forget me
As I've been forgotten
Thought I was dreaming about, "you and me"
Home is where everything else is missed
Track Name: The Old Town Waves
I've been walking
for miles and days just to keep you
I've been talking
for days and years
But it's going to fade away

Dimmed light through my old stained window
When I wake up
And I can't see you
Sitting in the old room with that book
I know it says
I've been alone here for days

And the sun was shining down on us
When we were wandering down this road
And we learned to embrace this life again

Did you felt the same?
Did you ever felt the same?

I've wasted time we had together with sleeping
That's just the reason why I can't stop screaming

And as the sun sets I'm dreaming away
Feels like it's the light I'm wasting, day after day
Track Name: Crown Me
"Sorry, I've walked away
Sorry, I've walkes away just for
A new Day, for a last chance
Forgive me, Forgive me"

I wish I never let you doubt me...

This world is here
To take the best of me
And As Far as I can see
I'm on my own here

Stones and Seas, the sun and thiefs
My further ways and no release
That's why all my dreams
and all memories have changed me

Dear Dad, I know I've failed too many times
But listen, hear me say, I just tried to make things right

I saw the sun rising over roofs
And I saw spiderwebs, in the angle of my room
Through all this life I've walked so far
I know I have to take the last train...once and for all

"Sorry, I've walked away...
Sorry, I've walked away just for
A new Day, for a last chance...
Forgive me